Hi there! And thank you for visiting Empress Bohemia, the artsy, gypsy, Afrocentric style boutique for the Black bohemian woman. I'm the artist entrepreneur mind behind the art. I started making things  in 2010 but I have been drawing and painting for practically my whole life. I started selling artwork in 2012 to raise money to go to a writer's workshop, called VONA which at the time was being held at UC-Berkeley. It was exciting to get in since the application process is really competitive but I was short on money for expenses. I sold some watercolor paintings and some hand painted glass vases to have enough money to go. Between my sales and just the kindheartedness of people who donated I was able to go and work on my poetry. It was the first time I thought to myself I could sell art, not just do it for fun. I started painting on canvas with acrylic paint and approaching the sale of my artwork more seriously but there was one problem...artwork is HARD to sell. I was stuck trying to find ways to sell my art without under pricing myself. At best, I was fostering a hobby, not a business. Then I got inspired at vending events and festivals. I met a woman based out of Massachusetts who lives off of her handmade jewelry.  I also was inspired by BOABW House by Khadijah Noir.  She hand paints earrings and they are amazingly beautiful. At first, I watched a couple of her tutorials on YouTube to make a few pair for myself but when I wore those out in public, I always got compliments or was asked where I got them.  It hit me that I could sell mini paintings or wearable art. It has grown from a few vending events here and there to a business that I love. I have met some wonderful women throughout the years who have supported my work and bumping into someone rocking my earrings never gets old! With that said, welcome to Empress Bohemia, the style blog for the unconventional, artsy, poetic, unapologetic, afrocentric, bohemian woman!

All jewelry is handmade with an Afrocentric bohemian influence from hand painted wood earrings to rope necklaces wrapped in Ankara fabric.

I use acrylic paint on canvas but every once in a while there might be an oil painting in the mix.  Small and large paintings 

Check out my first collection of poems, Dreaming in Kreyol, and stay tuned for the next collection being released in 2018.

Photo Prints

Featured photographer is Robert Cooper who also works as a journalist and videographer. Check out prints of his work in the gallery and follow him on Facebook and Instagram. 

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If you are wondering who took all the pictures for this site, the credit goes to the awesome Robert Cooper. Look for prints of his work in the Etsy Shop!

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