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Empress Bohemia

Be empressive. 

See those earrings I have on? I made those! I like to think of myself as an artsy, afrocentric, bohemian DIY kind of person living life unconventionally. Though I've been making art my whole life, I started selling artwork in 2012 to raise money to go to a writer's workshop, called VONA which at the time was being held at UC-Berkeley. It was exciting to get in since the application process is really competitive but I was short on money for expenses. I sold some watercolor paintings and some hand painted glass vases to have enough money to go. Between my sales and just the kindheartedness of people who donated I was able to go and work on my poetry. It was the first time I thought to myself I could sell art, not just do it for fun. It has grown from a few vending events here and there to a business that I love. I have met some wonderful people throughout the years who have supported my work and bumping into someone rocking my earrings never gets old! Now it's grown to more than earrings and paintings but you can see for yourself! Just click the button.



Collaborative exhibit with Keion Hennessey

Be inspired. Then inspire.

Venmo: @dcolinpoet, CashApp: $dcolinpoet

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Troy, NY