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ThreeSixtyFive: Year Seven

It's December 2nd! Welcome to the revamped! If you have been following my #threesixtyfive then you might know that December 2nd is the day I start fresh every year. I've been doing so since 2013 and each year I get a little closer to my goal of being a full time artist.

I feel really good about what I've been able to accomplish so far but I've still held on to part time work. Truth be told, I would not have made it through last year if I hadn't. This year I really challenged myself to grow my income to my last full time salary as a teacher and I did it! (Full disclosure, my last teacher salary was $30,000 and last year I was well below that.)

All these years of pursuing this have definitely not been easy. I have doubted myself at times but each day I set an intention to do at least one thing to stay focused on the dream. It helps. It's been a marathon rather than a sprint. It's taught me patience in new ways. Many times I had to test things out and try again. Sometimes bills didn't get paid from investing into my dream. Actually, this year was the first year that I paid almost all of my bills just from my creative life but I don't want to be at almost. I want to be at exceeding. Some might say this career path I chose won't give me that but I disagree. More and more, poetry and art have given back to me what I pour into it and at times, more than I expected. I'm not turning back. The big, big leap is coming.


This year around I'm looking forward to a bunch of things...WOWPs 2020, submitting more work, the Poetic Vibe Anthology, growing Empress Bohemia to name a few. Right now, what I believe most about my journey is that I need to let go of whatever it is still holding me back and level up to where I need to be. I'll be blogging more often. Hope you follow along for year seven. Better yet, maybe you'll start your own ThreeSixtyFive! I'd love to hear about it.

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