Seven Reasons Why I Am a Poet

August 1, 2017

1. Because it is the language I speak in when words fail me otherwise


2. Because the little girl, the eleven year old who wrote a poem for the first time, that girl, I remember her. She speaks to me. Her voice is sacred. Her imagination limitless.


3. Because why wouldn't I be a poet sounds like why wouldn't I breathe


4. Because poetry saved me like a a heaven I visit every time I pick up a pen to pull my hell out of hell


5. Because love lives here


6. Because my justice, my vulnerability, my herstory, my closeted secrets, my wishes, my whispers need volume...the sound turned up so I can hear who I am.  


7. Because somebody besides me needs this. Like I need this. Like breathing. Because we can breathe together. Because we can breathe together. 



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