A Day in the Life

March 28, 2019


What does a regular day look like for me? I did a workshop at Hudson High School and among the questions asked, the students really wanted to know what a day looks like for a career poet. I answered by telling them about my week and all the poetry happenings in it i.e. workshops, open mics, writing, meetings, etc. It made me think of an article I read in January. The New York Times published an article called "Tracy K. Smith's Work Diary: The 'Nonstop Rush' of a Poet Laureate." It was an intriguing example of what life could look like for someone working as a full-time poet. On a cold Tuesday in February, I remembered the article and thought it might be cool to log my day. So many things have happened since then but just the other day I came across the log and thought I'd share. Here's a glimpse into a day of my artist life. 



4:30 am: Woke up and prepared to leave the house. Misread the time and missed the bus I was supposed to catch at 5:30 am. 

6:30 am: Jamel came to save the day so I made it to Power Breakfast on time! Had coffee. The focus that day was sustainability. Afterwards I got an impromptu pep talk about my then upcoming birthday and my feelings of not having children or being married yet. I left feeling better about it all. Took a scone to go. 

8:40 am: Walked from Albany Barn to the Daily Grind on Lark St. The sun was out and the walk warmed me up.

9 am: Ordered a Holiday Winter Tea and worked on transferring old poems from Facebook to a word document. I'm still figuring out what to do with all of those poems. 

10:30 am: Walked from the Daily Grind to the New York State Museum for a meeting. 

11 am: Had a great meeting about possible upcoming projects and workshops. Left feeling really optimistic about collaborating with the museum. 

12:15 pm: Walked from the NYS Museum to Washington & Swan. Ordered another tea at Dunkin' Donuts. Caught the 1 bus to Henry Johnson and Central.

12:30 pm: Started work at the Albany Social Justice Center. Drank my tea and ate my scone. Did some problem solving on a 20 minute phone call trying to find answers for someone. 

2 pm: Met with a friend about creating a bio for his website

3 pm: Did some more work answering email, phone and updating the calendar

3:45 pm: Headed back to Troy! Got a ride! Phew! My bus travels can be incredibly time consuming. 

4:10 pm: Attended an MWBE (Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise) certification workshop at IgniteU

6:15 pm: Grabbed a bagel and that's right, more tea over at Psychedelicatessan!

6:30 pm: Fell up the stairs on my way to my Business of Art class at the Arts Center of the Capital Region. I managed to save my tea and hurt  my wrist a little. Went to class. (The wrist is fine.) Class was about the ins and outs of doing business online. 

9 pm: (Or a little after 9) Left class to finally go home.

9:30 pm: At home, I sat down to prep for my workshop scheduled for the next day at Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls and I ate my bagel. That's right, I finally ate my bagel. Note to self: do better with your tummy. 

10:10 pm: Talked to Robert on the phone for what I think was an hour of conversation.

11:15 pm: Showered and got ready for bed

12 am: Because ideas show up when they want to, I jotted a few down.  

12:30 am: Sleep! Only to wake up the next day at 7:15 am to go win another day. 

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