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Poet. Visual Artist. Educator. 

Performer. Author. Host. Writing Coach. Actor. Moderator.


D. Colin's 365 Journey:
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Every day is a good day to start chasing your dreams. 

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Artist Statement

I've always been interested in visibility. When I was younger, I looked for examples of my existence in art and media. When I write, I am making myself visible and by doing so, I offer representation for someone else. Whatever art I engage in making whether that be writing a poem, painting a mural, acting in a play...what I aim to do is inspire, empower and educate. To tell these stories is an act of resistance, self-preservation and healing. I have a deep passion in holding space for others to heal and to experience the journey with me. And when I am joined by others, the village grows. We can all move towards hope and liberation together. 

D. Colin

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"Her heart and mind are endless, bottomless and relentless in the most breathtaking way. She has a way of making the world stop turning, while helping it to keep turning in a more loving direction. So powerful!"

Katharine Corp

"An incredible creative writer and poet! A pillar of the Capital District artist community!"

Mojavi / Urban Guerilla Theater

"I recently heard Danielle perform spoken word at an event. Simply put--powerful."

Carmen Rau / RE/MAX Capital

Not enough space to recommend D. I have worked with D on multiple occasions and her storytelling/poetry reading skills are unmatched in this region. Powerful, rich and deeply warm, her stories do not soft pedal and are driven by a beautiful essential hope.

Richard Lovrich