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What are you waiting for?

You could keep sitting on your goals or you can go after them all.

Here's what to look forward to in 2024 and how I can help you reach higher in the new year!
  • 365 Journey: A 90-Day Jumpstart to Your Creative Dream
  • ​Writing to Exhale 3-Day Retreat​
  • Manifest Your Poetry Manuscript 5-Day Intensive
  • Striving Artist 10-Week Practicum 
First up!
365 Journey: A 90 Day Jumpstart to Your Creative Dream

Pursuing Passion, Purpose & Intentional Productivity

January 2, 2024-March 26, 2024

What would happen if you took at least one productive step toward your dreams every day for 365 days? One thing I know for sure is that even if you only took one step you'd be one step closer. And if you set an intention to do something, when you build on that first step again and again and again, you would be even closer than where that first step got you. Sounds simple right? But what I have found in conversations with people is that the hardest part is starting. It's easier to give in to all the reasons something can't happen right now instead of taking the first step.


Time to change all of that! I want to help you get closer to your dream so I've turned what I've learned in my own 365 journey into a 90-Day Jumpstart program. When I started this for myself, I was working a full-time job that often required I to take work home. I didn't feel like I was being creative enough so on December 2nd, 2013, I chose to give myself one thing to do every day that would feed my creative self. 365 Journey is modeled for busy folks because I used to be that person squeezing my creativity between the cracks of everything else!


This is for you if:

• You want to renew your creative self

• You used to [insert your art form] but can never find the time anymore

• You have an unpursued passion or big overarching dream

• Long to-do lists are where your creativity goes to die

• You would be more motivated with an accountability partner


What's included:

• Three 1:1 90-min sessions with me on your vision, progress, and mindset.

• 13 Weekly workshops on passion, purpose, productivity, mindset, accountability and motivation among other topics. | Workshops will be taught live but will also be recorded for your convenience.

• 90 creative task prompts to get you started and a weekly newsletter.


Sounds like something you want to do? You can register for all 13 sessions together for $165 or pay $20 per session. The early bird price is $120 until December 23rd!


Accessible option: Sign up for Patreon! All the materials will be stored on Patreon and you can work with me 1:1 for as long as you’re signed up at the 365 Journey tier for $36.50. Every day is a good day to put your intentions to work. Let me help you get started!

Workshops, Courses & Programs

It's time to make progress and operate in your power.

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