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It takes a village to raise an artist.

If you're here, then you more than likely subscribed to get updates about my artist journey, workshops, blog posts and podcast episodes so thank you! And welcome! I appreciate the interest you have in my work and let me tell it's a lot easier and more fun with more people to share it all with. 


If you would like to get in on some exclusive perks, I would love if you join the village over on Patreon.  I say it takes a village to raise an artist because I wouldn't be able to pursue my dreams without opportunities to do my work and without folks like yourself investing in the journey.


You might be wondering what Patreon even is. Well, it's a platform where creators can get the financial support that they need to make this creator journey easier and sustainable. Any level of support you give helps me get even closer to my goals and we get to share space in this journey together.

So what are these perks I speak of?


Podcast Peeps

Early access to and bonus episode of my podcast, d.colin.ized

Access to the Patreon Shop


Front Row Friends

Monthly reading of new poems

Sneak peak on art progress

plus previous tier rewards


Slam Team

Monthly writing prompts

Monthly Q & A

10% of workshops plus previous tier rewards


Goodie Bag Squad

Your own monthly mix of goodies that you can keep for yourself or gift someone else

includes prints, poems and new merch

plus previous tier rewards


Production Crew

Behind the scenes vlog

plus previous tier rewards

A little
a long way

You're still here!

Thank you for being interested enough to scroll down. I have this big goal to move into my own artist studio after I finish my artist residency at The Fish Market. You being a part of the village can help me get there!

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